The safety of any pool user is of our utmost concern and the pool will be evaluated according to every known building standard.

Pool Facts’ highest priority is the safety of your family. In the absence of permits and inspections throughout areas of Greater Houston builders have cut corners and built pools with violations of known safety standards for residential pools as published by APSP. ¬†These violations create possibilities for injuries or worse.

  • Pool size, shape and depth do not comply with diving board and slide safety envelopes
  • Failure to comply with APSP suction outlet, anti-entrapment safety standards dating back to 1987
  • Poor quality stone coping installations with sharp, jagged edges
  • Violations of national electric code including code violations on main feed wires to entire pool equipment set or or connection to sub or house panels resulting in overloads
  • Tripping hazards in concrete decking
  • Missing or faulty connections on ground wire from pool steel to equipment set
  • Barrier code concerns regarding self-closing yard gate generally required by homeowners associations and or cities

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